What I'm Doing Now

Are you interested in finding out things about what I am doing currently, or gigs you probably just missed? I’ll occasionally write them down here. Occasionally.  ̌


harry potter and the cursed child

march 20 2019 until sometime in 2020

Lyric Theatre, Broadway, New york, baby!


I’m playing Draco Malfoy! Grown up Draco Malfoy, that is, in a play that is the eighth instalment in a series of stories about a young wizard named Draco Malfoy and his adventures and misadventures at a wizarding school named ‘Hogwarts’ . The series, inexplicably, is collectively known as “Harry Potter”, after an obscure and annoying character (and shit Quidditch player) who also appears occasionally in the story. But make no mistake - the hero of the books (and play) is none other than yours truly, mister Draco Malfoy.

Full disclosure: according to Pottermore, I, Jonno, am a Hufflepuff (long live the bumbling badger of mediocrity); my wand is a 13.5” rowan wood, springy, with a unicorn core; and my patronus is a Marsh Harrier. Eat that, nerds!!!


Sometime in November, 2018 - 

Largo at the Coronet, LA


Another performance of Rhys Darby's People Saying Funny Things Society will happen. Check the calendar for more info.

Special guests include Kristen Schall and Ryan Belleville!




Just shot a fun episode of the new ABC show THE ROOKIE with Nathan Fillion. Episode is #107, ‘The Ride-Along’. I’m the guy on the ride-along. I must point out how lovely the cast and crew were - maybe the best set I’ve ever worked on in LA. And Fillion himself is an unbearably charming human being. That’s all.


August 10, 2018 - 

Largo at the Coronet, West Hollywood


Another performance of Rhys Darby's People Saying Funny Things Society  (I, of course, remain silent). 

Special guests Bo Burnham and Jerrod Carmichael!


August - October 2018 -

TBS, Tuesday nights at 10


WRECKED!!!  Series 3 of the (in my opinion)  bloody funny and highly underrated TBS castaways series airs. And I'm in it.

I'm playing Declan Stanwyck, a massively successful, devilishly handsome, and exceptionally intelligent hero in the Ayn Rand mode, who happens to like to play with his food.  

Tune in.